Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Jane a Day and Q&A

I have large dreams of being a consistent journaler, but as much as I try, it's just not happening. For some other reason, I am always in the market for "the perfect journal," probably in hopes that I will be inspired to pour my soul out every day.

While perusing Amazon {one of my top 5 favorite past times} I came across a 5 year, sentence-a-day journal.  I made the executive decision that I could most definitely handle writing 1 sentence a day.  But then I found 2 different types of journals, couldn't choose between them, and bought both. One has a Jane Austen quote on each page and the other asks a different questions every day. Who can resist Jane Austen and random questions? Jane will house the highlight of my day and Q&A will hold all of my random answers to my random questions.

I think I can handle 2 sentences a days. Yes I can. Plus, how cute do they look on my bedside table?

Is it weird that I'm giddy with excitement to start these? I'll be almost 28 when I finish, if I finish them, which I will. Most definitely. Cross my heart commitment. You could easily classify yours truly as a journal nerd, BUT how cool would it be to look back on 5 years of small thoughts? I'll be able to record important dates, life changing events, small victories and gentle reminders. In Q&A I'll be able to see changes in taste, favorites, and little snippets that one wouldn't normally remember. 

I think by they end they could be pretty good reads.

Have I convinced you yet that your life will not be complete until you start this little 5 year project?

I thought so. Some of my favorites here, here, here, and here. This one isn't a 5 year, but I kind of love it.

Happy writing!

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