Wednesday, March 7, 2012

excuse my french

Today is a chocolate croissant kind of day. Why, you ask? Because, how are you supposed to buy yogurt and granola when this little guy is staring at you oh so lovingly:

So, I officially declare today "pastry of your choice day." You heard it here first and you're welcome.

I've been on a treat binge lately, and I guess I'm just telling you about it so I don't feel like I'm hoarding in private, because, you know, that's when it gets serious, right? Yesterday J.rue made a pit stop at my 7-11 because I had an alarmingly urgent need for a blue slurpee and gummy frogs. My body had just told me that it would simply shut down until both of these things were not ingested immediately. J.rue didn't buy it, but being the chivalrous chauffeur he was being yesterday pulled into the nearest sev all while rolling his eyes. He's so talented, that j.rue.
I was so relieved that there would be not shutting down of the body that I may have had a tiny make-out with my slurpee. In the store. It was tiny. 

I really and truly think that's all I have for you today my friends.

p.s. tomorrow, I shall try to write something sans food, but it's a 'try' not a 'promise'

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