Wednesday, October 26, 2011


J and I have been spending a lot more time together, and can I just say that it is so nice to see my best friend more? This morning J was getting ready and commented on how we need to take advantage of these next 6 months of him being in school, being able to drive and hanging out during the day.

It seems that through most of our marriage we've given each other a kiss good morning, sped off to our respective destinations, given each other a kiss hello in the late evening, maybe spent and hour together. maybe. and they we would say prayers, read scriptures, and kiss goodnight. Oh, and we don't count sleeping as spending time together. So what does that equal? Maybe 1.5 hours a day? Sad.

I know before I mentioned that we've been driving to and from the U together, and at first I was frustrated by not being on my own schedule 100%, like I have been for almost 3 years, but now I love it. Now that J is only working {long} Fridays and Saturdays, we get to be together during the week even more when he's not in class. It's nice to work where he goes to school. He's even starting going to 5 am work-out sessions with me.

This week we made the trek up to Park City to the outlets to look for some new threads for family pictures on Saturday. It was fun to just hang out and walk around together plus we each got amazing deals on jeans {outlet sales+student discount=score!} On the way home he was gracious enough to let me listen to my Mindy Gledhill Christmas CD and even sang along with a couple of songs. I'm tellin' ya folks, I'm lucky, I don't think anyone else could have married me and stayed sane. Somehow, he manages.

Eventually J will be done with school, he'll be working at his big kid job, and we'll be starting our own family. It's not that I'm not excited for all of that to happen, I just want to make sure that I enjoy every second of our current lives now, because we have it pretty dang good.

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