Thursday, September 1, 2011

Game Day

Today is the official kick-off day for college football! Okay, I don't actually know if this is the first day of the college football season as a whole, but I know it is for Utah, and BYU will soon follow this Saturday. Also, I won't pretend that I'm getting my panties in a bunch from all of the excitement. This year though, I think I am a little more excited than I have been in the past.

1. For the past 2 weeks Jeremy and I have been driving to and from the U together, so that is 10 days of listening to sports talk radio. I haven't hated it.

2. I think I'm starting to appreciate how it brings our families together a little more than usual. Whether it's watching a game at our parents' homes or going to a Davis High game for date night. It's nice to spend the time together.

3. I love watching J get all shaky excited when he talks about it. It's cute.

So, tonight we will be hunkering down and watching the game while eating these delicious little morsels...

In my opinion, this is the epitome of perfect football food. I'm just a little excited.

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