Friday, July 15, 2011

F, S, Su

Here we are again at weeks end. I am thankful everyday that I love my job enough that the weekdays fly and I'm not sad to go back Monday morning. How many people can say that?

Tonight is 'date night' and Jeremy and I are heading to the Bountiful Temple to do a session. Hopefully I can talk him into some creamy custard after...

Saturday we're going to Tori's parade and then going swimming at North Shore to harass Micah {our resident Wendy Peffercorn}.

I've been wanting to go swimming for a while so I can't wait to just sit in the water...and maybe jump off the diving board a few times.

Sunday we're having Jeremy's family over for FHE and I think this is what we'll be having:

BLT Mac N Cheese...compliments of Rachael Ray. Oh, how I've been loving her magazine lately.

p.s. birthday weekend kick of in t-minus 7 days. 

p.p.s Baby Brooklyn in t-minus 10 :)

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