Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pies & Fries

Jeremy and I went to St. George with my family over Memorial Day. My little brother, Cale had a soccer tourney in Mesquite, so we thought it would be fun to go down, relax, and watch some soccer....oh and eat SmashBurger OFTEN.

It was so fun hanging out with these 3, aren't they so cute? They stayed occupied with swimming, basketball, and movie watching the majority of the time. It was quite the uneventful {but relaxing} trip except for the ride home. We stopped in some random tiny town because Jeremy and the boys were hungry. We went to a Burger King {ew #1} because that was all they had. They ordered something like 5 western bacon cheese burgers, chicken nuggets, 4 onion rings, and 3 sodas.

We pulled up to the window, paid, and pulled forward to wait for them to bring out our food. Well, 20 minutes later we were still waiting IN THE DRIVE THRU! There was no one behind us and like two people in the actual restaurant. Well, we get back to the window and the girl that took our payment is sitting on her phone!!! We knock on the window, she opens it and tells us they're "working" on our order {rudely} and slammed the window. TEN minutes later we're still waiting so my mom goes in. The manager apologizes and bring out our food 5 minutes later. We're all super frustrated and just drive off without checking our food.

I opened the bag and all that was in the 2 bags were apple PIES and french FRIES, about 5 of each. No, there were no pies or fries ordered. It was RIDICULOUS!!! Oh and don't worry that the receipt in our bag had the EXACT order on it. Needless to say, we will not be heading back to a Burger King any time soon. Makes for a good story though I suppose : )

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