Thursday, March 24, 2011

Breaking My Vow of Internet Celibasy...

...but for VERY good reason. I got a new job! Not just any job, my first full time, non-hourly, fully benefited, post- bachelors job!  As of 10:30 this morning I am the new Academic Advisor for the Health Promotion Department at the University of Utah!

This job has really been a blessing. Lately, I have been stressing and really emotional about being done with school and having to find a full time job. Not that I don't want one, it's just a weird and huge change. I've been going to school since I was 5 and have done every summer semester possible since I started at the U. Needless to say, poor Jeremy has had to deal with random episodes of crying and overly-dramatic what-if scenarios. Lucky for him those days are over!

I am really sad to leave the Y, I will miss the people I work (100%) with and the kids (90% of the time). I had some great experiences there that I wouldn't trade for anything.

P.S. I get to paint my office {yes I have an office!!!}

what color should I paint it?

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