Friday, July 23, 2010

The History of the Birthday Weekend.

Yes I may sound like I'm 20 going on 7, but I love birthdays! They're a big enough that I believe they should last for more than one day. Thus, the birthday weekend was born. My family started doing this when our birthdays were on a Sunday, so we didn't feel hosed. So we would go and do something special on Saturday and then have the actual birthday dinner and cake on Sunday. Well, being all grown up and starting our own traditions, I think Jeremy and I should have a birthday weekend every year, regardless of when our birthdays are during the week.

This year my birthday is this Monday, so today is day one of my birthday weekend. We slept in, went to Famous Dave's and Hobby Lobby, and then I started a new craft for our bedroom. We'll finish the day with Layton Surf and Swim.

Birthday Weekend's may sound kind of bratty but, hey, it gives Jeremy and I an excuse to just relax and do fun things for a whole weekend twice a year. Which, never EVER happens so we take advantage.

You might like it too if ya try it : )

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