Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just Lately...

I love when it starts to get warmer! I think my brain just comes out of hibernation, and I start taking more pictures. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing for you, but oh well, I like it : ) So, to start off I have come to the conclusion that I take way to many pictures of Cooper, so I can imagine how bad it will be when we have a real child. Here are the latest and the greatest, don't worry I won't subject you to the 87 I've taken in the past 2 days...nope not kidding.

We had family pictures taken about two weeks ago, so hopefully I can get some of those back soon. It was fun, we took them in some random people's amazing back yard, they knew we were coming, don't worry. It was basically a coral and teal circus. 2 grandparents (1 being a slightly grumpy grandpa) 3 dogs, three wild brothers, 1 stressed out mom, and Jeremy and I.

We had a fun BBQ with some friends:
We have the best friends!

Saturday Melinda and I went to see the movie BABIES, it was so cute. 

Bayar, the Mongolian baby was the cutest! And then we went to feed ducks with the boys.

There were the cutest baby ducks, and we think they are the same ones Melinda saw. Then we went over to feed some geese. This was a big step for me because the last time I was around geese I was around, oh maybe 4. My mom and I were feeding them and first off I picked up a white something that ended up being a yummy goose turd, was not the cleanest child. And then before we knew it we had a huge flock of geese chasing after us! My mom had to pick me up and run for our lives (okay maybe not that dramatic, but in a 4 year old's mind it sure was!) So I was a little nervous, but there were no wild mass goose stampedes.

I think this guy was in charge. He kept hissing at Jeremy when he walked over first. 
Then to top if off we got to see some adorable baby goats!

Don't we have the two most adorable husbands in the world? I think so ; )

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