Monday, March 1, 2010

You Go Girl !

I know that I already posted today but two blog-worthy events have happened today, well kind of...

Numero Uno

I was in BodyAttack today doing some high leg kicks and bringin it, and the instructor totally gave me a YOU GO GIRL! Don't judge, it felt good.

Numero Dos

I have been following The Bachelor, and have known from pretty much the fourth episode that the bachelor villan Vienna was going to win, and the heroine of this journey, Tenley, goes home empty handed. Through out the whole season I have been saying that I will not watch the season finale. Alas, I am watching it...and even though I knew the final outcome, I kept hoping it was a big joke. wasn't and Tenley is on her way home. Smooth Move Jake.

Oh p.s. Dancing with the stars is starting again...I predict the winner will be:

Nicole Scherzinger

I will be amazed if she doesn't win, oh and of course Kate Gosselin weasled her way onto another reality show

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