Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Super Saturday

I didn't begin today thinking that it was going to be anything super, but I was pleasantly surprised. Firstly, I shampooed my whole upstairs carpet. This would be a big accomplishment, except there's probably a whole 500 sq. ft. of carpet up there. Secondly, I went on a great shopping adventure with the hubby. Third, I am officially a craftie...kind of.

Since I had spent so much time cleaning my carpet, I really really wanted my front room to look cute. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of my ugly front room in all it's glory, but it's probably for the best. So, I convinced my husband that we should go shopping for a new front room (in the cheapest way possible of course!) We ended up with new couch covers, which we were if desperate need of, colorful pillows, and new wall art. Compliments of me, but we'll get to that later.

So, after we had gone to the usual places, Wal-Mart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, etc., we made a stop at Family Dollar and Big Lots. Before I tell you about my steals from these places, please enjoy the following photos of other merchandise that we were tempted to purchase... ...because who wouldn't want a lava lamp of this guy right now.

A knock-off of the Snuggie (who knew those things were doing well enough to actually make a generic brand) and they are NOT soft, maybe the equivalent to the scratchy one-ply toilet paper when comparing the two.

Because, who wouldn't want to hang this sign in their house?

...AND, The Great Wall of Underpants. I couldn't even get the whole thing in one picture.

Anywho...don't think I'm knocking on these diamonds in the rough. I found some great things here. Well, actually just at Family Dollar. I got 4 white place mats, one giant doggy food bowl, and an adorable picture (which you will see in a minute got my right brained juices flowing) for just $6 SCORE!!!

And finally, the moment you have all been waiting first stint as a craftie. As mentioned above I found an adorable flower picture for $1. Jeremy was skeptical at first, but I already had my plan of attack. At home, I had this frame that I thought would fit perfectly. It just needed a tiny bit of work (I unfortunately failed to take a before picture). I have had it hung up, in my not so cute front room, and have been trying to figure out what to do with the thing. So, I grabbed two cans of spray paint and some brown ribbon and went to work.I was dumb and thought that I could semi rip off the small strip of wallpaper and just spray paint over it, but as you can see, spray paint doesn't cover up major flaws. So, I had to apply the ribbon, which ended up making it even cuter in my opinion.
So, the frame was completed except one last detail...

...the bow!

Okay, Okay. You may think this is nothing but
1. There were no before picture showing the frame in all of its ugly glory
2. I am super left-brained (for all of you that don't know your left brain is in charge of logical thinking and the right is in charge of your creativity.) I'm pretty sure I use my left brain 95% of the time, so this was a big step for me, and I will probably be talking about this accomplishment for weeks.

Here's a very low quality picture of my NEW and constantly improving front room, and boy am I proud of it today!

...Just a random side note. There is a restaurant in Kaysville, right by my house called Pepper Belly's. Below is a picture of a pail of chips they gave us as an to it is the bucket they call a cup. The "cup" is actually larger than the pail. Only in America...

Oh and luckily I didn't order my usual Sprite...this was just water. Talk about sugar coma.

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  1. That flower picture came out great! I really like the frame, and it complements the picture so well! The slipcovers and pillows look great too. Score! Congrats on your beautiful room.