Monday, April 20, 2009

Our Smokin Saturday

I have maybe found a blog-worthy story...maybe not but here it goes! So Saturday I came home from Juan and Shaelee's wonderful wedding was was STARVING!!! So, when I got home I quickly ran into the kitchen and pulled out some soup that I have been dying to try...I think it called something wedding soup. It has meatballs and little round noodles and spinach, I have wanted to try it forever! Anywho, I put it in a pot on the stove and then the stove wouldn't turn on. Of course I was going to go on a mission for my soup, so I went to talk to the Landlords. Of course, the power was out...So I quickly got over my dreams of meatball wedding soup and headed home towards Ogden where the food is always free (Moms House) I had a great time eating my face off and then shopping and topping the whole day off with 3, yes 3, krispy kremes. This is about the time that I got a phone call from my wonderful husband telling me my soup had been cooked. Now if he had called a good 4 hours earlier this would be good news...but actually the power had turned back on causing my soup to burn and our house to get very smokey. Luckily, our landlords were home and saved the day...but now our house smells like a huge ash try, so don't try coming over anytime soon, for your own good. Well, thats the story! Until our next epic catastrophe!

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  1. definitely a great blog post/ story... I bet that was awful and funny at the same time!