Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Last night j.rue and I were spending some quality time catching up on the Bachelor and eating some ice cream. J.rue will  never admit to liking the Bachelor and honestly, I don't think he totally loves it, but it's easy to suck him into just about anything thank goodness! I, myself, don't totally love the Bachelor either, but it's on thus I watch it. Anywho, during one of the 5 hours of the longest episode in Bachelor history we started looking through old blog posts. I've only done a handful of posts since Ellie's been born but it was so fun to see how much she's changed. Her cheeks have shrunk 10-fold sadly. That got me thinking more and more how important this blogging thing is. It really brings so much joy to look through this record, even though my posts are a little big cringe worthy here and there.

Ellie will be 15 months tomorrow and she's turning into quite the little lady and mommy. She got a baby doll and stroller for Christmas and has never been happier. She says "baby" more than any other word, ever, followed by "banana" as a close second. Ellie is obsessed, OBSESSED, with bananas. We can't walk into the house without begging for a banana. I think I need to film that. It's quite the performance. There are "mores" and "pleases" involved with their corresponding sign language followed by endless "nananananananananananas" She eats at least 2 whole bananas today. It's cute, until I have to change her diaper 6 times a day.

Ellie and Brooklyn have started playing together more and more. Brookie has been super patient with Ellie has she's found her (screeching) voice, but when they're both on the same page it's one of my favorite things to watch. Ellie loves her big cousin.

To force myself to catch up I'm going to post one current post and one "flashback" post so we can get some good things in like Christmas and Hawaii! At this rate, I'll either get our new year's resolutions up by next week or March, but they will be recorded!

Happy Wednesday!

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