Friday, July 12, 2013

Pregnancy Life Savers Pt. 1

This might also be one of those part 1 - only part - posts, but I'm guessing I'll come across more essentials. At this point though, this is what I'm diggin and also 100% completely relying upon to get me through the hot hot summer.

1. vitamin E oil - I've loved this stuff foreva, but really only on my face. Sometimes for the random dry elbow skin, but apparently it also helps with not getting stretch marks? If I'm being completely honest, which why the heck not? It's Friday after all. I already have a nice collection of stretch marks from regular weight gain. I'm one of those luckies that is pretty much going to get them no matter what. I've come to terms. I haven't gotten many during the pregnancy, they've just kind of been a continuation on a few of the old ones. Whatevs they fade. However, they take their time so I'm almost too scared not to use it. I will say that I have 2 SMs on my boob and am NOT happy about that at all. So those puppies get lathered up every night no matter what. Hips I can handle, boobs, not so much. I don't know why?

2. Old Navy's fold-over maternity skirts or any other flowy knee length skirt without a tight waistband. I will be the first to admit that maxi skirts are waaaay cuter, but sometimes I need an unblocked air flow. I've been able to use most of my pre-pregnancy maxi skirts, but these skirts take it to the next level. They're breezy and short and cuteish. I haven't seen any this season, but the best best best skirts are the twirly convertible dress/skirts from j.crew factory outlet. They go about mid-calf, have a lovely non waistband, and twirl. I also love a piece of clothing that can be worn to church, work, and the pool. Huzzah!

3. I've loved and cherished this BB tote, and besides the fact that it's so fresh and so clean, it carries EVERYTHING. It's huge. I've been a large bag fan from day one, but now that I'm always needing to carry around tums, Tylenol extra strength, books, water bottles, at least a pound of snacks and the like, I need something large and in charge. 

4. Pregnancy SPANX. Yes it is the summer, and no I'm not going to tell you that these are amazingly comfortable and breezy, but they're actually not bad. When I was in my 1st triemester especially I was super self conscious about my body and every new lump and bump that I got in my middle. These were a lifesaver and I still break them out every once in a while, especially when I'm wearing one of those jersey dresses that show everything from here to Timbuktu. Mostly I just appreciate the bum shaping since my stomach has taken on it's solid pregnancy bumpness. I heart spanx.

5. Summer time is a special time when all pregants (and some unlucky non pregnants) swell. I've learned that buckles and excessive straps make my feet sweet above and beyond the norm and that is just not cute. And you know I'm totally about being cute 100% of the time. My toes have actually managed to mimic the look of stuffed sausages. Last weekend I gave in and went on the hunt for a pair of (slightly loose) thin strapped flip flips. I kind of hate on flip flops from time to time, but they're my saving grace at this point so I take it all back. I especially liked these ones  because they're gold and I'm pretty sure gold goes with everything. Actually, lets just say it does.

6. I've sang the praises of my pregnancy pillow about a million and one times, so I won't spend a lot of time on this one. All I can say is that if you're with child and trying to sleep with 4) 5+ pillows or b) a pillow that is not curved at the top AND bottom you need to get one of these NOW. I haven't had a hard time sleeping at all. Promise. It's heavenly. I'm just not allowed to use it post pregnancy because it impedes upon husband snuggles. Bad.

7. Nothing compliments a growing body like white white white pasty white skin. I try to slather Jergens on AT LEAST once a week. Even just a little bit of color causes me to wince a lot less. It's amazing what some golden brown will do for you. See? Gold does go with everything. Take it from the authority that has actually no authority. p.s. it doesn't stink anymore!

8. Take a survey of your favorite restaurant that serves your favorite dish and make sure you are always less than a 15 minute drive away. At the moment I'm a little crazy for Rumbi's BBQ steak salad. I'm sorry, but the BBQ ranch sauce combo with steak morsels CANNOT be beat. J.rue isn't super happy about this food stage because it's a $9 salad. And four $9 salads each week kind of add up. I think he liked it better when I was craving french toast and kiwis. 

9. Lastly, the dreaded maternity swim suit. I'll break it down. Buy a little tiny bit big. Buy solid. Buy dark. Buy from ASOS. Sit in pool.

Happy Weekend!

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