Monday, September 12, 2011

crafting & potions

This weekend my MIL introduced me to a store called "Wood Creations." If you've ever been to Wood Connection, it's pretty much the exact same thing, just a little smaller, but much closer to where I live. We decided that we deserved to do a craft while the boys watched the BYU and Utah game {long night} This is what we decided on:

I just thought he was so stinkin' cute. 

Unfortunately, the evening didn't end well because BYU and Utah decided not to win their games. Jeremy did take it quite well considering...

Sunday I took the whole two hours of primary to review for the program coming up. I found a really cute idea from this website. Basically, I had cups of water and vinegar and spoons with food coloring and baking soda on top. A child would come up and pick a spoon and stir it into the water or vinegar and it would "magically" change colors. {magic because they couldn't see the food coloring} The color was associated with one of our review songs and we would sing it. If they chose the cup that had vinegar it would  have it's chemical reaction and the kids could pick how they wanted to sing the sing {just boys, twirling, etc.} It was fun and none of the older kids figured out the food coloring, so nothing was ruined. 

It didn't take too much prep, so if you're ever looking for a low stress review maybe give this one a try. Later that afternoon we headed up to Coalville for our sweet niece's blessing. James did a perfect job on the blessing and Melinda and Brooklyn looked beautiful. It was fun to see everyone.

We got home around 6:30, I was asleep by 6:37 and took a nice nap until about 8:30. I think I was pooped. Then Jeremy wanted to watch a movie so we stayed up until 11 watching Remember the Titans. Love love love that movie and enjoyed every second, but thank goodness I took that 2 hour nap.

Weekends really are the best.


  1. thanks again for coming all the way to support us! and how funny...we watched remember the titans last weekend. love it!