Thursday, July 16, 2009

What We Have Been Up To...longest post of my life

Well, it's been about three months since my last post, and I promise that it has not been because I have had nothing to write about, I lost my cameral cord, thus not being able to upload any photos, and I feel that blog posts are just better with pictures. So my camera tells me I have events dating back to the beginning of May so here we go...

Event #1: Tori's 9th grade Graduation/Award Ceremony. We are so proud of this smart cookie! She was one of three valedictorians, and she gave the best speech by far! This little lady's gonna make us proud!

Event #2: Jeremy surprised me one Saturday after noon with the most delectable chocolate and strawberry cupcake, as well as a bottle of Martinelli's. He is the sweetest! As you can see from below We throughly enjoyed ourselves!!!

Event #3: We spent an evening at a lovely park in Bountiful before we went to Savior of the World, Jeremy was showing me his cartwheel skills, not to bad if I do say so myself...

Event #4: This is a BIG one! Two of my cute brothers have birthdays in the month of May, it was an especially big on for both of the boys. Cale turned the big 1-2 and received the Aaronic Priesthood and Micah turned the big 1-4 and was ordained a Teacher. We're so proud of both of them! There was good cake, good presents, and good company!

Aren't they just the cutest brothers EVER!!! Here are just a few extra of everyone hanging out at the birthday festivities!

This last one is of our cute/not very cute baby bella, she was at the birthday too, and I figured she deserved a little plug

Event #5: Memorial Day. This is a good one too. We got to go see where my Grandma grew up, Samaria, ID. If you've heard of it, I'm impressed. But it was wonderful I learned that I have several ancestors named William William Williams, that my grandma lived by a rattle snake pit, and my great-grandpa's picture is in a general store know as the Blue Goose.

Event #6: The Hill AFB Air Show. We got to sit in the VIP section, which we thought would be cool with lost of free stuff! It actually ended up being warm sandwich wraps and brownie bites, oh well we had great seats! Basically, Jeremy's dream come true. I'm almost positive that boy will end up with his pilot's license someday. But it was way fun, good times with the fam.

So, we can't tell if this is a naked lady on the plane, what are your thoughts?

Event #7: Jeremy took me on a surprise date! We walked through Temple Square and then he took me to a park. And just so you understand why this is such a wonderful surprise, I LOVE show tunes. Especially show tunes saturday night on 106.5. Anyway...he took me to a park right by Temple Square where they were performing show was wonderful. Then we went to get dessert at the Melting Pot. I wanted to take a picture of our food, but it was so delicious that by the time I took my camera out the plate was empty. Thanks Honey!!!

Events 8, 9, & 10: Taylorsville Dayzz (no that is how it is really spelled) , The 4th; including Tori's parade and Glendale, and mini golfing. All very fun times (I'm sure you can tell I'm am SO tired of doing this)

So this concludes the longest post of my life...if you got to the end of this your amazing. For my own good, I will never get this behind again....

Next post to come.... MY BIRTHDAY!!! WOO HOO!!!


  1. Hey. it sounds like you guys have had so much fun. we have never been to the melting pot? is it good?
    -the boyers
    (jeremy's friend from jr. high)

  2. way to go on updating your blog chels!