Monday, March 2, 2009

First Post...Finally!

This is the hardest part of starting a blog...actually writing in it. I had a goal of "officially" starting my blog on Saturday, it kind of happened. I made the background cute, added music, and a few of the little knick-nacks. I really think that only reason that I am posting something right now is 1) I am procrastinating a 7 page paper that I have to finish and start today and 2) It's embarrassing to have an empty blog that is decorated. I probably won't be very good at this, but everyone else is doing it, and maybe someday I'll have something cool to write about that...but until then this is it!


  1. I love your main picture! It's so cool! I'm so glad you have your blog started. It looks way cute!

  2. I wish I was on a cruise right now instead of working!!! Hope you are having fun

  3. Great to see you have made a post and you definitely have something fun to write about. Post some pictures of the cruise!

    We have been kind of bored without y'all around!